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Companies in Logistics and Transportation sector are faced with the necessity of using appropriate Information Technology (IT) solutions effectively, under the pressure of competition and costs, in order to keep up with the gradually growing business volume, improving international trade and increasing customer demands which undergo rapid changes. Growing expectations in Supply Chain Management necessitate the management of work processes as a whole. Companies in the logistics sector today must produce quality service with a flexible and agile organization of high efficiency.

SOFTTRANS® creates an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System for companies in Logistics and Transportation sector operating in integration with SOFTFINANCE, SOFTINTERFACE and SOFTE-DOCUMENT Applications of SOFT Information Technology Consultancy and Trade Inc. and it provides the necessary infrastructure for ISO 9000 Quality System and Total Quality Management System as an important tool for improving customer satisfaction with a standardized and highly efficient working environment.

SOFTTRANS® Customer Relationship Management Application consists of: comprehensive data for customers, prospects and markets; marketing and sales activities; campaign management; sales and customer representatives management; complaint management; and, statistics and reporting system. This application, which operates in integration with logistics work processes, constitutes a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with enhanced features.

Sales and customer representatives’ activities can be effectively tracked; the corporate customer data bank generated can be used by all personnel according to the level of authorization they have. Tendering correct offers and tracking them can help to increase the number of new customers, along with the help of analyses based on customers, representatives and competitors. Effective management of marketing on customer basis, sales and other operational activities can promote customer loyalty and increase cross-selling opportunities.

SOFTTRANS® logistics and transportation operations management applications constitute an integrated software solution related to all stages of transportation operation. With these applications, companies can run the whole process consisting of offers, booking, orders, instructions, documents, financial data, invoices and reports. Expected and actual cost can be tracked; profit and loss per file, shipment, km, customer, country and route can be calculated. In this context, enhanced applications are available for Freight Forwarders, Domestic and Foreign Transport Companies, Agents, Brokers, Line Operators, Container Transportation and Warehousing Operators, RO-RO Operators, Shipowner Companies and Bonded Warehouse and Warehouse Operators.

Trip, fuel and driver expenses can be taken under control with facilities providing tracking of costs related to each stage of transportation and logistics work processes. Drivers’ performance can be measured; analyses by which correct selection between different routes, truck types, and transportation modes and types can be made. Performances of agents and suppliers can be tracked.

When SOFTTRANS® logistics and transportation operations management applications are used in integration with SOFTFINANCE Warehouse, Purchasing, Sales and Inventory Management applications, a Supply Chain Management (SCM) System can be created.

With the help of the integrated structure which allows management of work processes as a whole, logistics outsourcing projects can be undertaken and managed, work flows can be tracked, and the related companies can easily be informed at each stage. Integration with the data systems of customers, producers, suppliers, distributors, agents and other companies taking place in the logistics work process is provided via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

All types of documents related to logistics work processes can easily be defined to the applications; they can be created quickly and accurately wherever and whenever necessary. All types of external documents can be linked to work processes. By having a common document archive used for the whole company, all kinds of correspondence can immediately be accessed on customer, trip, date, document type, work process and similar basis.

When SOFTTRANS® project management applications and transportation operations management applications are appropriately used together, a Project Management System (PMS) can be created; and large scale transportation projects realized by long-term contracts can be managed.

With the help of Maintenance Management System (MMS) generated by using SOFTFINANCE Maintenance Management, Service Management,

Tire Management, Purchasing Management and Inventory Control Applications together, it is possible to have company assets operating continuously and to take their maintenance and repair costs under control.

Using General Accounting, Budget, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Checks and Notes Management, and Fixed Assets Management Applications together leads to the formation of a Financial Management System (FMS) structure. Credits and debits can be managed accurately and effectively; customer risks and financial losses can be taken under control; and incomes and expenses can be tracked by budgeting.

SOFTFINANCE Human Resources Management (HRM) System has a structure which meets all the requirements related to human resources management of both medium and large sized organizations. It comprises organizational management, personnel management, payroll, payroll accounting, training management, performance management, career planning and crew management modules.

SOFTINTERFACE Applications consist of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) modules and Extranet Applications. EDI modules provide integration between a logistics company and its customers, suppliers, agents, customs and banks. Extranet Applications, on the other hand, provide such functions as order entry, shipment and order status inquiry, shipment inquiry, account statement inquiry in Web environment for SOFTTRANS® and SOFTFINANCE Applications.

All kinds of documents can be sent as e-mail or fax with MS Exchange Server System Integration, SMTP Mail/Fax Integration and Faxmaker System Integration modules, all of which are integrated to all SOFT Applications. With modules like Satellite System and Traxon Integration, location and status data for trucks and shipments can be transferred to related modules accurately and quickly.

Interface modules for Radio Frequency (RF) hand terminals allow real-time tracking of material and shipment transactions, working together with Warehouse Management, Export Warehouse and Bonded Warehouse Management Applications. Using barcodes and RFID technologies transactions can be processed accurately and quickly. throughout the logistics work processes.

All these applications which can be integrated with each other eliminate duplicate data entries and jobs, create an effective, fast and accurate working environment which can be managed, tracked and reported, on a corporate database. It is posible to access correct data quickly and supply correct information to customers on time. With the help of flexible and agile infrastructure, constantly changing and increasing customer requests and expectations are met; customer satisfaction is improved with higher service quality.

Authorizations can be defined and logs are kept for all transactions on user basis. With a system robot which allows execution of some transactions automatically and with warning mechanisms, an effective system management can be performed. With the help of records generated starting from the ordering stage, all functions (such as tracing, documentation and complaint management) required for creating ISO 9000 Quality System are available in SOFT Applications.

Defining profit centers in a hierarchical structure, such as company, branch, section and operation group, it is possible to assign turnover and profitability targets as quantity and as amount, on week, month, period and year basis, and to track company performance continuously. Data required for strategic planning can easily be accessed with reporting and analysis facilities on company